How TCP/IP Works

by ananta

Have you ever wondered how things work inside internet

(From Typing: or on your favorite browser to Checking your damn important emails on  your favorite email client!)

TCP/IP comes into action!

TCP : Transmission Control Protocol -> Handels Transmission of data over the internet with correction if required!
IP : Handels Bundeling of data into packets , add address on their header and handels errors while sending them


It is a Protocol consisting of layers on which it functions:

  • Application Layer
  • Transportation Layer
  • Internet Layer
  • Network Layer

Let’s Take an Example of an action when you hit “” in your Browser’s URL Tab

Application Layer:

Apps which communicate with web-like google-chrome, firefox, thunderbird-mail etc lies in this layer.

This Layer Consists of Different Protocols Like HTTP, SMTP etc

Transport Layer:

In this Layer, TCP / UDP(used for low latency applications like online games or real-time communication) lives!!


Let’s get on the main thread!  When you enter “”,  your browser(in application layer) makes connection to Transport layer(through different protocols)

Browsers mainly use HTTP protocols While Mail-clients use SMTP Protocol!

After data is received in the transport protocol, it starts to convert data into small chunks of packets.

It also includes information on header file on how to reassemble the chunks of data to an original data.


After This Process Packets are transferred to INTERNET LAYER.

Whose job is to put the location of destination host on the Internet(where is the data being transferred and from where it came) After this packets are converted to the electric pulse which can transfer over the network!


And the data are transferred to respective host/Physical machine through NETWORK LAYER( INTERNET )


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