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Hi there, my name is Ananta Bastola and this is my personal blog. I study Software Engineering in Gandaki College of Engineering And Science, Nepal. In addition to this, I will be uploading programming tutorials and life hacks.


I was Born on March 02, 1998, in Kathmandu Nepal. I Completed my SLC in Shishu Niketan Higher Secondary School in Pokhara, Nepal. And also Completed my Higher Secondary Education in Gandaki Boarding School. Not to mention, I am currently studying Engineering in Gandaki College of Engineering and Science.


In addition to my College Life, I am a Backend Developer At Codse. I also have good knowledge on different Programming languages like JAVA, C++, Javascript and much more! As a matter of fact, my favorite programming language is javascript. I love my life.


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I Warmly Welcome you to my website.

Easy Implementation Of Android Recycler View 2018

by ananta

In This Tutorial, We will Cover a Basic way to Implement Recycler View in Android     Our File Structures // Main/ Launcher Activity MyAdapter // RecyclerView Adapter Recipe // DataModel Utils // Demo Recipes Data package com.codse.ananta.vogella2; import; import android.os.Bundle; import; import; public class MainActivity extends AppCompatActivity { @Override […]