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Easy Implementation Of Android Recycler View 2018

by ananta

In This Tutorial, We will Cover a Basic way to Implement Recycler View in Android     Our File Structures // Main/ Launcher Activity MyAdapter // RecyclerView Adapter Recipe // DataModel Utils // Demo Recipes Data package com.codse.ananta.vogella2; import; import android.os.Bundle; import; import; public class MainActivity extends AppCompatActivity { @Override […]

How TCP/IP Works

by ananta

Have you ever wondered how things work inside internet (From Typing: or on your favorite browser to Checking your damn important emails on  your favorite email client!) TCP/IP comes into action! TCP : Transmission Control Protocol -> Handels Transmission of data over the internet with correction if required! IP : Handels Bundeling of […]

How to Learn Linux Fast

by ananta

Intro There are over 130 Linux distributions (versions) and they can be administered (managed) by Linux Graphical User Interface (GUI) utilities – or by using Linux commands. Linux GUI utilities give you a “point-and-click” interface for doing Linux administration tasks, like working with the Linux file system (to make directories and copy files), and to […]